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Neelesh Agrawal
Neelesh Agarwal was born in a prominent business family of Jabalpur. Right from a very young age he developed a love for nature. The love for nature grew into in depth understanding of wilderness and eventually he turned into a conservationist.
This was the stepping stone into the hospitality industry for Neelesh a commerce graduate from business background. Apart from close association with Kanha as resort owner Neelesh is a widely traveled man with experience of the wildlife tourism industry. His keen grasp of mammals and birds has come about while roaming in the wild for years.

Kirty Agrawal
She is the driving force behind all ventures that Neelesh enters into. A house wife with a degree in science Kirty excels in hotel management. She is a nature lover and the main architect of Courtyard House concept.
Kirty excels in culinary skills, those delightful morsels that excite your taste buds are a product of years of experience and talent. The chefs trained by her churn up delicacies that makes your stay a gastronomic delight. She like any good hostess believes in state of art housekeeping, has keen sense of interior decor and aesthetic. She livens Courtyard House and makes it enchanting and unique.

Uday Patel
A professional naturalist guide and birder he has been associated with Neelesh since school days. Noticing passionate love for nature, Neelesh gave him every opportunity possible that helped nurture his skills. Eventually he is now an expert tiger trekker and his knowledge of birds of Central Indian Tiger Reserve is admirable. Uday has also conducted tours in the Northern Circuit in Himalayan Foot Hills, Bharatpur, Chambal, Nainital & Corbett.
Uday communicates with resort guests to make their wildlife experience enriching and adventurous. He manages tours and safaris in a dedicated manner. His enthusiasm justifies his vast knowledge and keen understanding of animal morphology and behavior. His excellent mannerism and interpretation skills outshines the rest of the lot. He has more than twenty years of experience as a nature guide.

Vinod Marawi
The gastronomic delicacies that enrich your stay at Court Yard House results from the culinary skills of Vinod the chef. His skills range from preparing local recipes to exotic offerings. With years at this job and natural talent your taste buds are assured of a memorable fine dining indulgence.

Sukh Chain - Head Chef
With many years in the art of fine cooking Sukh Chain is the head chef at the Courtyard House. He is the star figure on the hotel testimonials with exquiste recipes that enthrall the guests. He teams up with other cooks and creates delicacies that are the hall mark of food at the property in Kanha.

Vinod Garg
Father figure as he is known at the Court Yard House, Vinod Garg is the man behind the scene. He is the man that Hoteliers Neelesh and Kirty rely on for all things good. He is associated with the couple for years and is the most trusted. Mr. Vinod Garg or Panditji as he is fondly referred is akin to the producer and director combined of a major production house.

Rohit Soni
When you step into the homestead a bright and smiling face greets you. The countenance augurs a wonderful and satisfying stay. This guy is Rohit our front desk manager with years of experience in the hospitality industry.

Call him concierge a butler or a buddy. Ramakant is a friend in need always attentive, always courteous, always keeps an eye on you, and quick to get a job done. He serves with care, mixes cocktails, arranges paraphernalia and keeps smiling. Come witness what our major domo does at Courtyard in Kanha National Park.