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Courtyard House Kanha - Food

Happy Hunting Grounds

The main dining area (restaurant) is located in the center of the premises. The mahogany table seats ten in the dining hall with more people being accommodated in buffet. But food service is also available under Kanha Sky on starry nights along with bar and camp fire. The day sit outs, outdoor picnics, river banks are all magnificent venues for savoring the gastronomic delicacies served by our chef. Out house picnics keep you amidst the songs of colorful winged creatures.
The finely laid bar by the pool side offers delightful cocktails and premium liquors. The couple's personal chefs keep churning one delightful morsel after another. Fine dine at our elegant hall or on the roof tops with open sky settings and a lively camp fire. Bush Dinner under the Old Banyan Tree is an indescribable feast. Morning Tea in the lawn or under the Mahua Tree is unforgettable.
The central open courtyard is characteristic hub of activities - recreation and relaxation under the open sky. Dinner can be arranged under the starry night sky in the courtyard. The Hindu Tulsi Pot and rose garden engulfed by flowery shrubs creates a cool refreshing ambiance.
Impeccable hospitality, absolute comfort and style make this star property one of the finest in India. As a state of art facility the residents leave no stone unturned to make your stay extremely enjoyable and memorable.
Oh Yes there is a brook some distance away for angling, outdoor munch and birding. Serenity at your door step.