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Rejuvenating Yoga with Tiger Safari at Kanha

Yoga Tour

Yoga is an ancient Indian holistic tradition that is meant to safe guard mental, physical and spiritual aspects of a person's life. It is supposed to have originated before the Vedic Era in India. The discipline has been inducted by ancient saints the Rishis'. The discipline comprises of set of exercise along with breath control. The exercise consists of turning and twisting the limbs along with controlled breathing and mental state.
Though the therapeutic benefits are well known, Yoga also offers mental peace and control of the sensory apparatus. Not only muscles all organs are sensitized by Yoga to keep one's body in health. The disciplinary control and chanting of mantras accord spiritual aspect to the practice. It is meant for prevent and control many lifestyle diseases.
Yoga in modern times has become a universal practice due to its role in healing of mind body and soul. It has also accorded a control regimen to people's life style to make it more healthy and spirited.

Yoga Instructor

Kanha National Park
Also known as the land of the tiger Kanha National Park is a forest region in India popular for verdant greenery and serenity. Far removed from the hustle bustle of urbanity the park is home to the Bengal tiger and many other mammals, birds and reptiles. The biodiversity rich area is ideal for tiger safaris and bird watching.
The peaceful confines and green ambiance accord a healing touch to people entrapped in modern urban life. The enchanting landscape, fresh air and silence all contribute towards human well being. The serene and pure environment is highly suitable for Yogic pursuits as well. Hence large number of tourists arrive here in pursuit of mental, physical and spiritual quest besides wildlife watching.
The park is situated in Central India in the State of Madhya Pradesh. It is accessible from Jabalpur Airport and few other places.
Unwind & Uplift
Yoga on tiger safari will help you unwind and induct in your life a holistic healing and rejuvenating practice for long life and happiness. Exciting tiger safaris are meant to uplift your spirits with adventure in the jungles of India. A combination delivers a memorable holiday the like of which you may have never experienced. Welcome!

Itinerary Yoga & Tiger Safari Tour

Day 1
Arrive at New Delhi: Your much awaited Yoga and tiger safari tour has just begun. At the airport a smiling face will greet you as you emerge from the departure lounge. He is our representative and will lead you to the luxury hotel we have booked in New Delhi. If time permits we will stroll around inspecting the Delhi landscape, sounds and smells. This is your first introduction to land of Yoga and the Tiger. Sleep well it is going to be a rejuvenating trip to Central India.

Day 2
New Delhi : The hustle and bustle that creates turbulence within your sensory apparatus is a New Delhi experience. The emerging cacophony amidst dense traffic can be perplexing but soon your gaze fixes on activities and the colors of the Capital City. We will visit historic monuments of Mughal Era. The Red Fort, Himayun's Tomb and Qutub Minar the iconic edifices built during the Mughal rule in India. We will spend time at ancient bazaar of Chandni Chowk on pedal rickshaw the slow pace offers leisurely peep of chaotic market. A lunch at Chandni Chowk means thick Indian fried pan cakes or parathas with ample of filling and spicy to the bone. Late evenings is spent in the cocktail lounge with refreshing drinks followed by fine dinner and restful snooze.

Day 3
Flight to Jabalpur: After early morning flight we land within one hour at Jabalpur Airport. The scenic landing ground and cool fresh air is precursor to what is going to follow throughout the trip. We drive straight to Kanha National Park. The three hour drive is an engaging spectacle as we wade through dense green forests, deep and ever accompanying but quaint hamlets. Upon arriving at Courtyard House at Kanha we slip into a relaxation mode and explore the surroundings. Evenings are for some healthy snacks and beverages followed by fine dinner. The trip will be all vegetarian Satvik fare � fruits and vegetables. At the bon fire the Yoga Guru will enlighten you on Yoga and detail the daily routine.

Day 4
Morning Orientation and Yoga: This will be an introduction to Yoga followed by asanas as instructed by the Guru. After refreshing yoga asanas breakfast will be served. This will be followed by discourse from the Guru which will end up at lunch. After a brief rest we will leave for the evening safari at Kanha. On the jungle trip our aim is to search for the tiger and other enchanting game. We will also search for the avian species to make the excursions holistic. We are accompanied by a naturalist guide who will assist us in search of interesting game and offer interpretation while we are on the open jeep. Evenings at bonfire in company of the Yoga Guru and the naturalist who will divulge secrets of their interests.

Day 5/6
Morning Safari and Evening Yoga: The tigers move on and near the jungle roads at dawn and this is the best time to catch them. Birds are most active in early mornings hence the safari yields fantastic sightings. The morning rounds are productive and we should come across tigers and other animals to photograph them. Brunch basket is with us and we will enjoy the repast in between the game rounds in Kanha National Park. We leave happy before lunch time for the Courtyard House.
After satvik lunch and rest it is time to be with the Yoga Guru for more discourse followed by asanas. The Yoga asanas are set of exercises that have healing and healthy touch not only do the asanas repair and rejuvenate; they offer long term protection against disease for the regulars. That is the aim of the tour. You will feel rejuvenated as well as put into practice Yoga forever after the learning. Yoga also accord peace of mind and are like meditation hence you avail holistic benefits by this practice. The vegetarian food is light, nutritious and easy to digest. This is the best food called Satvik food which is prepared as per the Hindu Sastras.
The tryst with Yoga continues in the evening time and new meanings and ways are learned thanks to the Guru. With each passing day we are coming to understand how to practice holistic science to keep ourselves healthy wealthy and wise. The wealth is that of good health and thoughts. The Guru is helping us to master Yogic exercises such that we can practice them lifelong. Yoga increase life and also ability to live well in all stages. This is an ancient Vedic Science that dates back thousands of years as it developed in India.

Day 7
Morning Safari and Tribal Village Tour: The morning safari takes place in enchanting settings as the sunrises. The fresh air is rejuvenating and the excitement of coming across a tiger palpable. The bird sounds and alarm calls are challenging to your sensory apparatus all in all it is fun time being in the lap of the nature pristine and serene. In between safari and brunch we will come across exciting sights with the help of our naturalist guide.
We take a detour today evening and visit a tribal village to understand life in the confines of Kanha National Park. Simplistic life is what we are most impressed with, the tribal living with bare necessities. We will communicate them to learn more of life in interiors of India. Their customs, food and lifestyle is simple but enchanting. The simple thatched houses made of local raw materials are eco-friendly as well as comforting. The community initiative is also rewarding for the locals, wildlife and nature it is a way to give back to the inheritance. We will also visit the school which has been completely rebuilt by Courtyard House and furnished.
At bonfire in the evening it is time for discourse from our learned Guru.

Day 8
Morning Birding and Evening Safari: We will explore the surroundings comprising of varied habitats for rewarding site of rare and enchanting birds. The early morning is spent searching for the avian species and exploring the jungles of Kanha. Our naturalist guide will help us in bird watching and make us more knowledgeable about the ecosystem as whole.
The core tourism area is an undisturbed unexploited ecosystem which is home to myriads of lifeforms. In the evening safari we will explore further to understand and explore Kanha National Park. We will enjoy sights of rare and enchanting animals and birds before finishing the excursions.
The last day we will gather around the Yoga Guru as bonfire rages to learn more about Yoga the holistic science. Good satvik dinner and restful sleep will ready us for the long journey ahead.

Day 9
To Jabalpur for flight to New Delhi

Day 10
Departure Courtyard House, invites you more greater experience of India. Do keep in touch!