Courtyard House Kanha

Rumble in the Jungle

Wildlife Safari is exciting trips to the jungle in search of the tiger and other enchanting life forms. At Courtyard House the activities extend to our beautiful property. Indulgence is the key to enjoying wilderness. Your trip is never complete without:

A holistic involvement:
Guided Nature Treks: Trekking on the foot to explore and understand wilderness that is Kanha. We organize these treks in your free time so that you can be a part of the ecosystem and not just run after the mega fauna.

Birding: Bird Watching in our premises and surroundings yields exciting species - our feathered friends that delight. The diverse habitat around the Court Yard House is home to varied species some of which are not seen in the core area of the park.

Village Walks: The tribal or the local communities are an inseparable part of Kanha ecosystem. Their ancestors lived off the tiger land in dense jungles of Kanha. Today they maintain all rites and rituals with the same fervor as their ancestors did. A visit opens the door to the lifestyle of the sons of the soil. The colorful customs and mores enthrall and intrigue. A tiger safari is never complete without such an experience.

Bike Around: A good recreational activity cycling all over the villages and jungle treks. Peddle to enjoy the scape as it goes past the rural settlements, forest, rivers, mountains and quaint hamlets.

By The Fireside: The camp fire jungle tales from old day shikaris and guides. The tribal dance puts you in a state of trance with its rhythmic movements and soul stirring music that emanates from simple instruments and drums. The tribal are expert dancers and soon you find yourself swaying with them. At Court Yard House you will store nights to remember for ever.
Barbecue & Cocktails are fireside accompaniments that enlivens the night scene and augur warmth, followed by a sumptuous dinner on the terrace under the starry night. Yes star grazing is best done on the roof tops of the Court Yard House at Kanha. Sound sleep is a natural precursor of jungle night life.

Poolside Retreat: The cool confines of the pool under the starry nights at Kanha is a unique experience. You can dip and sip the finest cocktails for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.

More To Do: Simply laze around the premises sit on the rock to sun yourself or take a nap on a the gently swaying hammock. Watch wildlife around the forests, lake and the fields. Enjoy the pristine landscape that dates centuries back - away from the maddening crowd.
Watch films on wildlife or read books on nature in our well equipped library. Or just blank out and meditate. The time stands still here and the World is in your pocket at Court Yard House.