About Us

Courtyard House Kanha

Truly exclusive!

Why Courtyard House
  • - We are the nearest property to Khatia Gate. The highest chance of sighting a tiger is in Khatia Gate because of the dense forest.
  • - We can provide Safari at any time, which is the most challenging job in any national park.
  • - We have more than 20+ experienced naturalists in-house.
  • - Homely feel in deep dense forest.

Courtyard House offers a unique intimate experience. The accommodation is limited to five rooms for unblemished personal service and privacy. The property was conceived by Neelesh and Kirty Agarwal who were keen on introducing a new concept based on home stay accommodation. The couple have been in hospitality business since 1991 as owners of premium jungle resort at Kanha and luxury hotel in Jabalpur with the same name. The couple's love for nature and absolute commitment for wildlife conservation is evident. The first luxury resort venture was introduced in Kanha at their behest. Since then their mind body and soul rests in pristine confines of the tiger reserve. Courtyard House arrives as a new concept of luxurious stays in remote wilderness of Central India. Expert in organizing tiger safaris and birding trips Neelesh has been successfully conducting wildlife excursions in India. Kirty with her excellent management skills and as a perfect home keeper offers her invaluable contribution to the upscale lodge. Come stay with us make your trip memorable, exciting and a journey of discovery.