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Kanha National Park - Tiger Safaris

Exploring the wilds of the Kanha is a thrilling experience in company of our expert naturalist guides. The tiger safari is an extension of our hospitality.

We organize open jeep safaris in the various zones of Kanha National Park. The naturalist guides know the ecosystem like the back of their hand. They are expert tiger trackers and birders.

Depending upon your choice you will be guided to an ecosystem that is inhabited by the bird or the animal of your choice. Tiger sighting are the key focus and we strive hard to show you the magnificent cat in the wild.

For birders the guides are a great help and dig out plenty of avian species that enchants you.

While the heart throbbing tiger safari goes on, you cruise in extreme comfort, the rugged terrain notwithstanding. The exterior amenities offer swimming pool, sit outs, private areas and hides for bird watching and animal watching - pssst! Our naturalist is always on the lookout.

The park excursions begin at predawn and end at twelve pm. The second jeep safari begins at three pm and ends at dusk. The zone is allotted during the online gate entry booking. The preferred zone is subject to availability. Kanha and Kisli being premium zones hence they cost more. Along with the gate entry charge a guide charge has to be paid. The jeep hire rates are additional. A park forest guide accompanies the jeep and this is mandatory however those interested can hire a professional naturalist guide or birders through the Courtyard House.

The tourists are not allowed to alight from the jeep throughout the excursion. Eatables can be consumed only at the center points at Kanha, Kisli and Mukki. Toilet facilities are available here which can be best made use of since there are very few toilets inside the park. The canteens at center points sell tea and coffee and some snacks hence carry foodstuff from Courtyard for the excursions.

Tourism Zones in Kanha

  • Kanha
  • Kisli
  • Mukki
  • Sarhi

A limited number of jeeps are allowed inside these zones for tiger safaris. Hence gate entry has to be booked much in advance during the rush period. The entries can be booked at MP Online Site or with the assistance of Courtyard House. We also provide open jeeps for safaris which are well equipped and very comfortable.

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