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The best way to explore Kanha forests is on an elephant back. The pachyderm is an expert trekker; he scours dense forests, steep climbs, unfathomable rivulets and tall grasslands that engulf him with ease.

Ride on an elephant back can be a topsy turvy experience but thrills galore. The bamboo clumps pass by like the Damocles sword. You have to be on alert all the time as the elephant and mahout busy themselves trekking the tiger in a canopy that is thick like an iron curtain.

Sitting on that magical height your eyes are riveted on the big cat. So close. Hold your breath! It is time to click the best image of your life, to capture moment that you have been cherishing for so long.

The elephants at Kanha are highly trained at their job. Apart from conducting tiger safaris they also help patrol the forests and do odd jobs for their mahout (Rider). The animal is part of the mahout's family.absolutely. It is an inseparable relationship that can astound people no end.

Tiger Show (Not Available Currently) as it is called is twenty minutes ride back and forth. If the big cat sits stable you can see it and film it. There are special packages available with Field Director for filming wildlife on elephant back. Long rides unlike other parks are available with difficulty at Kanha National Park. If you have smart guide he will book the tiger show quickly so you have a fair chance for the exotic ride.

For getting on the Howdah (Sitting) you have to climb the small ladder. The mahout and guides will assist you with full care. The rectangle howdah is bound by thick iron rods. Hold on to it tightly unless you wish to kiss the forest floor.

The ride is not at all cruel it is the animal's job, and he is rewarded with food and a bath in the river. Caring bath by the Mahout and his children is a spectacle to witness. Blissful rest follows for the big animal after this.

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